Episode 3 — A day in the Life

Hi Kids!

This was recorded a couple weeks ago-it’s just a little tidbit that I wanted to share with you.  Hopefully you can glom some other little scraps of fatherly wisdom from the episode.

Just an FYI-some times I record these for you in bunches, but I only put them out once a week.  I know your uncle Mike likes to listen to them now and again and having them on a set release makes it a little easier for people that aren’t you.

I love you!


Episode 2 — Booze Guns Music

In Episode 2 dad takes some time to discuss the not so pleasant side of drinking………… gun safety and his views on the subject.

Then goes on to ramble about music and how it can really change the way you see the world-there are also a few little tips about life woven in along the way.